Company Divisions


GM Processing Design Division has through the years proved that their designs of process plants are of the most efficient within the industry.

With constant upgrades and new research and development on the plants , results are continually monitored for efficiency and design improvement.

GM Processing is at the forefront of design technology with vast expertise the group continually strives to improve on previous  processing and equipment designs.



GM Processing manufacturing division has the expertise and experience to manufacture and erect precision Processing plants within minimum time.

The efficiency of the manufacturing operation has been developed and improved over the years and has seen extreme pride taken by the management and staff alike.

Precision engineering has proven that erection and commissioning are made  without delay and within the  prescribed time.



GM Processing Contracts Division is a specialist in the field of contract operations of various process plants for various minerals .

Although having concentrated in the coal industry, the contracts and operating division has been involved in Chrome, Copper,  Diamonds, Gold, Magnesite, Tantalite, Tin and other  mineral operations.

The contract and Operations division is able to Consult, Project Manage, offer technical support and or oversee the full project for prospective clients



GM Processing Maintenance Division has the expertise to fully maintain and refurbish all plant and processing equipment.
G M Processing Maintenance Division strives to minimise down time which  is always crucial to clients.

Our skilled Maintenance staff ensure that the maintenance work is carried out to the highest standard within the shortest possible time.

Preventative breakdown maintenance checks are carried out on a continual basis and log reports are updated constantly.



GM Processing has recently opened a finance division. Having the financial skills to raise capital for projects and with the vast knowledge of the Process Plant industry, the company saw the opportunity in amalgamating the skills to develop a specialised division which is able to develop a full business plan with the specialist knowledge of the industry  for both Financial  and  Private Equity  institutions .

The project finance division is supported both Nationally and Internationally.

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